May 18, 2011
By Jazzy_lover PLATINUM, Kirkland, Washington
Jazzy_lover PLATINUM, Kirkland, Washington
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I can feel it
His presence…
Not only that I can hear him
The way his jeans sound when they rub against each other as he walks
Stopping suddenly making the dog tags around his neck jingle a little mysterious tune
He thinks I don’t realize he’s there
I’m afraid to turn around or to even run away
That he will always be two steps behind me. Watching me
In the shadows like a ghost
Who roams around haunting those who punished it
I’ve stopped
To confront him
He’s not a stranger but I can’t turn to face him
The trees rustle behind me
It’s him
I want to keep walking
But my body is in shock
Unconscious but yet still conscious
Everything moves slowly around me
I sense someone
I want to scream, grab my whistle
Far away till he’s gone…
A hand grabs my wrist
Cold to the touch
I hear my name
My eyes are closed
The voice very distant
Coming closer…
I open them
Afraid to find what I see…
It’s not him
It’s a police officer
I’m awake
Lying on the ground
I had been knocked out
But someone heard my scram
His voice so soft says the only words.
I’ve wanted to hear for so long
‘’He’s gone”
And I am finally safe to be free…

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