May 18, 2011
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Take away the legacy and most infamous of my feats,
pay no attention to the fact that I am a new generation,
obey no heed to my bars or my stanzas,
and see that I am just a human being writing supernaturally.

My lyricism has yet to reach its tipping point
but know that it is nowhere in the shadows of the trees among the ground,
and if a bullet sounds the same in every language, then you know,
I don't need to rhyme to have your brains scatter in the breeze
as ears are so easy to please, and I am not a violent person.

I wreak no benefit or rewards of this talent that I have,
I bask in no glory of eargasmic poetic pentameter,
but I believe that I could drain the anger of this world
through the power of alleviating frustration,
and the only weapon I will use are my words.

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