Ode of a Book Bound Girl

May 18, 2011
By Bouskiegirl PLATINUM, Hawkeye, Iowa
Bouskiegirl PLATINUM, Hawkeye, Iowa
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"Nobody is worth your tears, the one who is will never make you cry."

Why am I a sinner,
Whenever I'm around you,
Thoughts keep racing through my mind,
And I wish they'd all come true,

And I tell myself everyday,
That you are just a flirtatious jerk,
That you're only going to break my heart,
But that never seems to work,

And why would someone like you,
Like a book bound girl like me,
You say I take on a different form,
I guess you're the only one who sees,

But again I remind myself,
That I am just a fool,
That you don't really like me,
You're only being cruel,

You've been known to be a player,
I guess it's just your personality,
But when you flirt with other girls,
It sends me straight back to reality,

But then you charm me once again,
And suddenly I'm under your spell,
And none of my reasons seem to matter,
Because life without you would be hell,

Sure, life is overrated,
But when I'm with you I see,
A future in your comforting arms,
A place where I can just be me,

I've fallen for boys like you before,
But I've always bit my tongue,
And for some odd reason I'm willing to risk everything,
For just a little fun,

And I suppose I'm just another girl,
For you to use and lose,
But whenever you are not around,
I seem to get the blues,

So break my heart,
And maybe I'll finally see,
That guys like you just don't like,
Book bound girls like me.

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