hot & cold

April 20, 2011
By hitsujidoshi BRONZE, McAllen, Texas
hitsujidoshi BRONZE, McAllen, Texas
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hot sun
hot car
hot girls
hot school girls
a whirl of heat
passes me
as I leave cartsen to
be on his own with
her. hot legs
hot eyes
hot railroad tracks

myself and I:
cartsen has her
under all his heart;
his touch of Hell.

our dad is mad
again -
disappointed of me.

how long before they find us in here?
vince is afraid of what’ll happen tonight.

hot flames
hot hands on
hot legs

I’m watching
cartsen play with fire -
seth is taking another drag -
virgil another drink.
I should be used to this
but the heat is closer

and then it’s cold

cold lips
cold nights
cold eyes
cold hearts

seth is out and
moving with cold intention

cold fights
turn cold eyes
onto cold faces of the night.

they’ll never stop with their hot intentions with
cold hearts.

cold kiss
cold dress
on hot bodies

she left
she came
he left
he came

hot cigarettes
cold lighters

seth picks a fight
with hot

the night ends
and we share
a queen size bed
with cold covers.

cold sweat
cold breeze
cold skin

another cold night in
a glory of heated passion.

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