My Savior

May 23, 2011
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The stench of death surrounds me. The marrow of depression seeps into my bones. Blood stains my eyes and makes me blind. Grief floods the senses. Despair blankets the silence. Darkness becomes family. Pain takes all the hurt away. Every inch I walk, I step closer to the reaper.

But she is my light.

The corridors are soaked in sorrow. The beds clothed in decay. Faces are torn with destruction. Sweat stings at my pores. Air feels raw against my skin. Bed pans are dripping with the hot urine. Door by door, I see devastation on the faces of the wounded and the deceased.

But she is my everything.

She tears the embrace of darkness off of me. When I hold her, the depression rises from me like evaporation in the summer’s sun. Every kiss is like a jolt of electricity to my heart which keeps me alive. Her smile can drain the blood from my eyes and make me see again.

But she is my Salvation…

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