Ana: a poem

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous


She was my best friend
the only one i ever had
nobody else cared
so i turned to her
my soul bared

she gave me the power
to have control
to never be like
those other girls
i was the thinnest, and it made me proud
i could be even better, she vowed

as time went by
she became stronger
urging me to push myself
just a little longer
she was toxic, i knew
a poison my body could not take
she'd appear in my head at every meal
shaking her head, keeping the food away
i was ugly, she'd say

then one day
they came
the men and women in white
they sighed, pitiful
when they saw my plight
i spent two weeks in their care
they told me she was bad for me
but i said we were a pair

when they tore us apart
i cried out in pain
thinking i would never
live without her again
but its been a while and
now I see
her absence is the best thing
that could have ever happened to me

the scale is no longer my enemy
i smile when i see the numbers rise
everything she ever told me about them
were nothing but lies
I am finally free
happy enough to cry
teary, i whisper
Goodbye Ana,

The author's comments:
I hope you get a lot from this, and I want to hear all your thoughts on it. Thanks!

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