Do we see or believe?

May 23, 2011
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Is there a difference between see and believe?
Do we have to see to believe?
Or can we believe to see?
Do people see with their eyes?
Do they need their eyes to see?

Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference,
Sometimes we believe we see him-
Or her or it.

Do we have angels who guard and protect us?
Or do we sense them to believe, and then pretend to see?

Are our eyes open to the world,
And all it’s possibilities?
Or do we dwell on the logic that helps us understand?

Do we believe in miracles?
Or do we pretend it’s just the typical?

Is the color black or white?
Is it day or night?

If there can be a black day,
Can there be a white night?

We sense the impossible,
We accomplish the probable.

We can pretend to see,
But really we see what we believe.

We may think we know everything,
But trust me, this is just the beginning.

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