You Have no Idea How Much I Hate You Right Now

May 23, 2011
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Don't tell me it won't work
I know I'm being an idiot
As if I really had a chance
But this stupid rain won't stop and I feel like screaming just to be heard

I'm about to throw something because nothing rhymes
And where there's no rhyme it falls apart
Stop it
I have to cut myself off
I turn my iPod on and our song plays
Just to mock me and make me cry

Writing isn't a science
Nothing adds up and it's heartbreaking
I can never breathe because your so far away
But I want you so bad it hurts
End it so I can finally move on

Am I your secret?
Do your friends even know I exist?
Cause mine know about you
And guess what?
They were on your side
And you said you loved me
But you never even meant it and that's what makes it cliche

Shut up and be a man
I can't hear anything over the deafening roar in my head
I give up
I hope you're happy now because your "little sis" is broken
Now I'm blaring the music to drown out the sound of me ripping everything I ever wrote

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