May 23, 2011
By xCupcakeLove101x BRONZE, Fruitland Park, Florida
xCupcakeLove101x BRONZE, Fruitland Park, Florida
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Boys are jerks
Boys are selfish jerks
They see a girl fresh and new still in the wrapper
They eat her up and she is sweet for a moment and in another she is gone
The boy tosses over the left over wrapper on the ground
The girl nothing but a wrapper and is left behind to cry and wonder why
Again the boy moves on to another and tosses her on the ground to
Soon we will fight back soon you will be the left over wrapper on the ground left to wonder why and all I’m going to say is
“You were sweet for a moment but now you are nothing but a wrapper.”

The author's comments:
my friend was really mad because a groups stated a secret club all about some boy... but she doesnt like him becaus ehe sees a girl dates her and dumps her so her being upset got me to thinking the this boy uses girls like candy.. u buy into us, u date us, and then u dump us same as you do with candy... son in this poem i am comparing girls to a piece of candy
and quite frankly it make me mad to the buys treat us us play toys.. i know not all boys are like that and i appreciate them for it but for all the other jerks out there... GO DIE IN A HOLE!

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