May 23, 2011
By DinosaurLover SILVER, Portland, Oregon
DinosaurLover SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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They push and tear at my soul,
All i want is to be left alone,
Haters are up in my face and you can see,
They're making my eyes swell with tears,
You dont know how much i need,
To get out of this awful place,
My scars are things that will never fade,
I try to forget the pain but it creeps up behind,
It becomes more difficult to trust,
Anyone who would want to be close to me,
Haters always act like frens just to hurt you,
You never see it coming til it slaps you in the face,
They make my life a living hell,
I long for me and Death to meet at last,
My memories of their torture taunt me to this day,
Everything stays lost in my head and it wont fade away...

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