Count me in Why the Census Matters

May 23, 2011
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It is a war between the orthodox and the moderates,
That we are fleeing away,
To new lands and friendly states;
We are the millions that the oldies hate.

We do not belong to a country or a state,
We just want you to count us in,
And be our helpful mate,
We only want to skill up and create.

We are not spies nor are we soldiers,
Count us in,
We desire nothing but peace and friendship,
We want to create new streams and opportunities.

I hear your wish to count you in,
But my country’s population is at its brim,
I have many mouths to feed,
And it won’t be easy to give a place to live.

I can neither provide schools nor jobs,
Though that is against my heart’s mood;
My people’s anger would bubble up,
When they see the numbers going up and up.

My heart is with you but my mind elsewhere,
Take this census report,
See if you can see,
There is no more space to fit in there.

Don’t look at mere census figures,
They are just multiplying numbers,
Look at our energy and passion,
That lay behind the patterns.

We will mix like sugar in your cup,
We will add cheers to your music,
We will add new shades to your colors.
Count us in, count us in.

Welcome to the land of joy and enthusiasm,
Welcome to the land of knowledge and innovation,
You may add your names to ours, we count you in,
And count on us in your pursuits, we count you in.

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