Soccer ;)

May 23, 2011
By Diezel BRONZE, San Marcos, California
Diezel BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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Soccer is what I do

I'd make soccer my job some day I wish I could

It starts with one just messing around like a kid would do in the playground

I'd play soccer all day if i could I gather some friends

together we play day after day We were like brothers

as brothers we formed a team hoping to win the battle and the cup one day

Together we practiced, together we fought, together we won and together we lost

we became champions fortune was in our future and same with fame

I'd make soccer my job as I would dream as a kid

It all started with the ball in the ground look what happens when you just play around

champions they we were legends we became.It just takes some practice and a whole lot of heart to stay in the game "Jogabonito" :)

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