My first kiss

May 23, 2011
By Marlene Gracia BRONZE, San Marcos, California
Marlene Gracia BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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At the age of three

I had my first kiss.

My hands sweating and my face dropping water

all over my shoulder.

My mom told me "Justin,go play with

that lovely girl over

but I didn't I just

sat there

like a lazy cat looking at her

coffe sparkly eyes.

When all of a sudden Mark came in.

He liked her too


liked to tease and bully me all the time.

I didn't want the scary monstor to go

play with her, she's

a beautiful lili flower that I

didn't want to see desroyed.

So I went up to her.

With my shirt all wet

saying," OMG what are you doing


When Mark came walking towards us

I got her by my shaking, sweaty hands

while her's were

soft as a bunny's fur


when I got up

to her face

I closed my eyes


kissed her.

It felt like tasting a

sweet sweet

lollipop and flying through space

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