Cold, Pale Face

May 23, 2011
By MutatedMenace BRONZE, San Marcos, California
MutatedMenace BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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The depression invades his mind,

stabbing its dark tendrils in to every corner and crevice.

The sorrow of losing his child, too much for him to bear.

The despair of having a child and loving it so much,

it was so young

so full of life,

to suddenly be gone; a life wasted.

The child looked so cute in his little suit,

but the cold pale face and dead eyes only made his horror of losing his only child worse.

seeing this would be like being dragged down to a pit of despair.

Depression not only invaded the room, it had filled the room.

The depression was taking no prisoners.

It had slaughtered every other cheerful and pleasant emotion to ever take this man.

The sorrow of all that had happened was so terrible

the man was spiraling down a whirlpool of horror.

The author's comments:
the companion poem to alone

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