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May 23, 2011
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Letter from the editor,

hopefully it works out

maybe that scholarship is my way out,

Grandpa applied like a


actually 10 years is right

welcome to ROTC

get on your way, football is the doorway,

to lead me

to.....my sweet sweet dreams

im off to college the next day

to become a leader

for my country,

4 years of college learning to lead the way

to protect you all

my chance to play ball,

as a profsional but i turned it down,

becuase I need to lead the path,

with fresh dog tags

what a lether neck

OOHRAW is what i say,

the beloved corps is what I play,

stuck in iraq for 365 days, then come back to someone

...... who loves and missied me ever day,

I am a vetern of 18 duties, everyday

i be called the big, the big khuna of today,

General Paton leed the way,

but now its my turn to lead the way,

I am General to my beloved corp, Simper Fi to all my

Friends, my friends and buddies who lead the way

but to get shot in front me,

this is a tribute to all who has fallen

and thank you for your service these

past decades.

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