Narrative poem

May 23, 2011
By nox124 BRONZE, San Marcos, California
nox124 BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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One night away

Till the big dance

And i finally had the guts to ask her out

I new what i would wear

It was going to be perfect

I just had one more thing to do

Before the most important

Night of my life.

I had one more baseball game

And i couldn't wait

To get home

And dressed for that big night.

It was my turn to bat

And the game would be over

I went to the plate

Shuffling my feet

The ball flew like a bullet

I felt my heart freeze

As the ball made friends with my face,

Then poof

Every thing turned black....

I woke

Finding my parents next to my bed

As i felt my face

I realized that something was missing

I stopped

And sat as still as a statue

My mouth with two holes in it

I felt my heart fall to the ground

As i realized

That I was missing my two front teeth

There was the picture by my bed

That had a hand holding out

What used to be my teeth

In a palm of blood.

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