Looking Reality in the Eyes

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Driving under the warm summer sun
hand in hand,
music blaring,
windows down,
hair blowing in the refreshing breeze.
Every stop light you’d squeeze my hand,
and stare into my blue eyes;
occasionally missing the light all together.
The way you talked to me,
so soothing,
the way you looked at me,
so caring,
after a year,
I knew I was deep
in this thing they call love.

Then just a normal Spring day
our everyday routine,
your different though.
I can tell.
I can feel something on your mind,
you get up
then come and join me on the ancient plaid couch.
Your green eyes glossy,
you take my small hands into yours.
I feel the bad news
locked behind your small red lips
attempting to be freed,
the words I don’t want to hear
the undeniable truth.

You gaze into my blue eyes,
you always tell me
it’s your favorite thing to do.
I can tell though
this isn’t for pleasure,
but desperation.

you let it out,
“I’m moving.”
I could feel that distinct
lump in the throat,
my eyes watery,
vision becoming blurred.
My heart stops.
Skips a beat.
The undeniable truth.
I saw the stress,
the sadness,
in those small green eyes.
This is really happening.
So many thoughts
running through my now overloaded mind.
How will this work?
Are we ending this now?
I looked up
and asked God,
“Why me?”

The first month was the hardest
just knowing
you were gone.
What gets me through though
are those three comforting words:
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

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