Thank You

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Reader Reading This:

I’ve Read This A Million TImes.
It’s Probably Not The Perfect Poem, But hey At Least I Tried.

My Name Is Andrea,
I’m 14 Years Old.
A Freshman In High School,
And Bisexual.

Please, Don’t Judge Me,
By My Cover.
Because there’s more,
than meets the eye.
please, don’t judge Me,
like my mother.
she says what i am,
isn’t right.

i am not ashamed,
of what i’ve become.
only of how i became it.
i am not insecure,
about the way i think.
but only of why i think it.

she sat there,
in her folding chair,
watching me as i undressed.
ashamed, i was, confused,

i would always turn away.
exposed, uncomfortable.
but when threats of harm,
filled my ears,
i would turn back, slowly...
shaken to face,

one day you’ll regret,
the days i wish,
i could forget.
one day you’ll ask,
for my forgiveness.
because of what we did,
in the past.

i hated you,
for what you did to me,
but now i thank you,
for what i’ve become.
i love he person, i am today.
even if it’s because,
of what you’ve done.

Thank You.

The author's comments:
Ms.Despicable happends to be my cousin.. I Was Only About Six When She Did This To Me.

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