May 25, 2011
By NessaVq BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
NessaVq BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
-If It Didn't Work Out The Frst Time Why WOuld It Work Out The Second Time!




You Left Without A Goodbye.
No Clue, It Was Sudden . No Hope.
You Tried. I, Understand You Suffered,
Not Happy You Left .You’re In A Better Place.
“He’s Dead” My Heart Stops, No! I’m In Denial.
“It’s Just A Forward” So I Calm Down.

Next Morning Comes,
“We are Sorry To Announce That Our Fellow
Student Has Passed Away Due To A Motorcycle
Accident. Funeral Will Be Held For Gabino
The 10th Of June”. I Break Down Crying. Leave
The Classroom, The Library, I See
My Friends, One Hugs Me.
He Promises He Will Never Leave Me.
I Hug Him Tightly Like If It Was Our Last.

The Funeral, A Coffin.
No Smile. No Warmth. No Color.
No Nothing, Pure Coldness,Crying Out Loud.
I Lay On His Coffin. Hug
The Coffin.“I’m Happy Your In A Better Place Now.
Proud That You Tried Hard For Your Life,
Proud To Say You Were, Always Will Be My Friend”.

love Always:Vanessa?Quiroz?May 23, 2011

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