Here Lies My Dungeon

May 19, 2011
By DotKing GOLD, Climax, Michigan
DotKing GOLD, Climax, Michigan
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"I have been driven to my knees many times simply by the stark realization that i had no where else to go" Abe Linclon
"The fear of God is the Death of every other fear" C.H. Spurgeon

It is my prison of choice
Here lies my joys and fears

A million distractions from life
But no distractions from me

Here lies my freedom
Free to do what I want
Say what I want
Wear, write, see
It’s what I want

Here lies my captivity
Captive from the outside world
My home, my prison
My world

It’s all laid out just how I like
Organized chaos, like my mind

To clean would mean to be empty
Empty would be agony

Here lies my soul
Colors, feelings, words
Pictures and reflections surround me
With time, prayer, and possibilities

It is mine, mine, mine
Three times holy
My sacred sanctuary

Free and captive from the outside world

Here lies my future
Daydreams and nightmares
Sweet and sour
Memories and plans

Here lies everything I love
Where I rule
Here lies
My heart
My soul
My mind and strength

Here lies my Dungeon
Here lies Me

The author's comments:
This is actually about my bedroom. I heard the phrase 'The Dungeon" used by a friend of my parents' when i was a kid, referring to her workroom. Now that i'm a teen & i spend so much time in my room, i understand why she called it that.

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