My eyes

May 19, 2011
By Anonymous

The truth is behind my eyes,

if you look you would see,

the pain,

the grief,

the sadness,

the true me.

I put up a good front,

to let people think,

there can't be anything,

but greatness from me,

but only if they would look,

look for the truth,

that lies in my eyes.

The truth behind my eyes,

if you look you would see,

that now I have,

hope within me,


faith and belief.

I can hide the truth,

from all,

no one would think twice,

of the pain when I have hope,

of the grief when I'm happy,

of the sadness when I believe.

The truth is no one sees,

no one understands,

what runs through this mind,

of what I feel,

even though I tell you I'm fine,

now who will listen,

and look and see,

the truth behind my eyes.

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