Lana's Ocean

May 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Oh, Lana
How did it come to this?
I now gaze upon ice
Surely something's amiss?

Our ocean's run cold
No more willowy waves that lapse
Still only as the dead can be
A mistake, perhaps?

Only a frost covered film
Is visible of our sight
But its hardness runs deep below the surface
This can't be right

Not long ago
We were children so unobservant
Playing from hours until end
Our ocean was our servant

Oh, Lana
Now the ice is breaking
I need to see our ocean
So badly that I am shaking

But no
This place isn't the same
It's like winter took over
And spring never came

it isn't inviting
Though the same color blue
It reveals a darker depth
Surely something new

The waves have stopped rippling
They were so full of commotion!
When did they stop caring?
This can't be our ocean!

Oh, Lana, but as I look closer
I can finally see
That I was living in a dream
Not thinking of the place it was to be

I can't gather enough strength to think
That if I wasn't so caught up in the lies
I could've found out the truth sooner
By looking in your ocean blue eyes

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