Hopelessly Dark

May 19, 2011
By StarHearted SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
StarHearted SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
Listen to what your heart tells you. Follow your heart. I promise you'll be happy you did.

Falling hard
Falling fast
Falling hopelessly
Falling, falling, falling

How can you blame me?
How can you say I'm deserving?
Of all the question marks
Like electric currents swarming my mind

It snuck up behind my back
Some freakish Grim Reaper
That's taking my sense captive
Destroying my sensible thoughts

Who would have thought me?
Isn't one heartbreaker enough?
My heart turned to a rebel
Now I need to defy the truth

I fell down with a kick
And then I was in a coma
A nightmare too vivid
That I became who I should not have

I fell for someone
I fell without a warning
I need to escape
I need to run...fast.

It's useless
I'm finished
All I can do is hide
All I can do is hold it in

I'm hiding behind a black curtain
Transparent, till I can believe me
Growing more opaque as I deny
Hopefully to take me in its blackness

I want it to disappear
To blow away with the wind
To be swallowed in the dark
To be sent to the depths of No More

The screaming banshies
Making my thoughts deaf
Creating a fog
Blinding every exit, every way out

Describing the mental pain
Is too hard, too much struggle
No words can fully explain
No pictures can fully make an image

I will take the pain
I will suffer through
I will endure
Until its deadly deed is done

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