How to be me

May 19, 2011
By Harrisont BRONZE, Roland, New Hampshire
Harrisont BRONZE, Roland, New Hampshire
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Live your life how you want to
Don't care about what anybody thinks
Even if there laughing at you as you read this poem
Enjoy the little things in life
Love the big things
But if something goes horribly wrong, enjoy the little things
Laugh whenever you feel something is funny
Even if your the only one that thinks so.
Even when everyone is quite.
Like what you doing
Especially when nobody else does
And when your deciding a big decision
Love everybody in your family
Even when you don't like them
Forgive them from anything
Joke around with them
Maintain the company when they need it most
Try your hardest to keep in touch with everybody
Play football,
A tough hard working sport
It is the best sport in the world
It is the best way to release some anger

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