My Realization

May 19, 2011
By RachelHuber BRONZE, Hilltown, Pennsylvania
RachelHuber BRONZE, Hilltown, Pennsylvania
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Only God Can Judge Me

You may never realize just how much you mean to me?
You may never realize all the pain I have now that you are so far gone
I did not realize till now how much I need you
Your love for me was like a sunset that I assumed would rise again after a storm

You’re stronger for me and others because it has broadened its horizons my life
Though most times happy and meaningful is now sad
Like when it is a bright spring day and it rains so heavily
It seems the heavens even shake

I realize I’m growing up and though I appreciate the time you take and see
That this being this happiest time for you like right after the last of the snow melts
But just as it’s the happiest time for you
I’m still stuck in the blizzard I want you to realize
I don’t mean what I say I’m caught

In everything like a tornado I can’t out run
I want you to realize that
I love you and I choose to be with you
I choose to start something new

To still keep some of the old
I need you to realize that
I’m still changing and I need you
Now more than ever

Like how a whole community bands together
After a huge storm
I need you now, here
To help me through the blizzard

But please be happy
Also be wise with your time
Spend your time only with those you love
And love you in return

I try to spend my time
With their reactions towards
My neediness, comfort. And love

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