May 19, 2011
By Anonymous

On this day I cry
Why, why did you not speak?

Sufficient would be but one word
A cry, a beg, a plead

So suddenly I’m alone
Without you is death
Never knowing with you death came too

As children we’d play
Not till years did I understand the games
Games which brought joy layed the foundation for your demise

You know all our lived you were unhappy you know
Why, why did you not speak to me
Retrospect is crystal, so clearly I do see

So clear like my tears
Tears I now must cry

You are so loved yet you chose to go alone
Why did you not cry you left me to do so for you,
I’m angry now, sad and confused

I shall cry, today and forever
A sufficient word like help would have done
Only now will few words do

Good bye and I Love you

The author's comments:
I lost someone close to my heart

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