Timeless Twist of Fate

May 19, 2011
By Honeygirl16201 PLATINUM, Kittannning, Pennsylvania
Honeygirl16201 PLATINUM, Kittannning, Pennsylvania
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In a celebration of movement and feet
Two strangers meet
In a place well known
Where their idle love was first shown
But later they find they are in s bind
Where they first learn that love is not kind
For enemies they seem to be
to them true love comes at a fee
Hidden among the darkness is a light that shines bright
But all they have been taught is to hate and fight
Beyond the tall castle wall Romeo does call
To Juliet after the ball
There they confess their love
That was both decided and sent from above
Paris asks for Juliet’s hand
But with him her heart does not stand
Juliet goes to the friar for s plan
Because she can only love one man
With a sip of a drink she falls into a deep sleep
Leaving her body in a motionless heap
Romeo departed before the mail could go
So he didn’t know
That Juliet’s death was a fake
Or that Juliet simply just wasn’t awake
He goes to her tomb where Juliet lays in her ultimate doom
Upon arrival he is over come with misery and gloom
With a sip of poison he accepts his death
Juliet awakens as he draws his last breath
Her joy turns to sadness
As she stabs herself out of love and madness
There their love was set free
Together in heaven they will forever be
One from each side their feud did give
That death has taken and they no longer live
From a feud as old as time can send
The death of the two bids it thee end

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