Him (A poem)

May 19, 2011
By Anonymous

So far away.
And yet so near.
But still my dear,
You’re always here.

I lie awake,
Thinking of you.
I am asleep,
Dreaming of you.

You’re eyes are brown,
Same as your hair.
Your smile is sweet,
I’d take it anywhere.

You chose her over me,
I was sad as can be.
She will not talk, laugh, or smile,
I will not cry, I’m in denial.

Her skin is orange,
Her shape is round.
You can toss her around,
Or bounce her off the ground.

You visit her more than once a week,
To throw her around with all your friends.
I feel so tearless, and strangely meek,
You don’t see me being bleak.

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