To Become: An Exotic Bird

May 19, 2011
To become an exotic bird,
You must stay hidden from the world
Until you are ready to take flight.
Find the rings, necklaces, and earrings.
Take, eat.
Their jewels will glow within you.
Leave the Peridot alone,
It is much too much like lettuce.
It does not suit you.

In the time locked in your room,
In your cage,
Look to those who live in the sky.
Know them and beckon them with birdsong.
Trim their crimson feathers through the bars,
Wear them proudly in your hair.
Soon, the feathers will lodge in your skull.
You’ll sprout more of brilliant hues.

Don vests and scarves to match.
These will draw out the glowing jewels you consumed.
Cobalt beads will emerge from your wrists,
Secured by silver vines.

You are nearly ready. Call for a Pigeon.
They may be ugly, but they can pick a lock.
Ask them to leave the door open on your way out,
So that others may take your path.
Go to the market with the Persian rugs
And the African kalimbas.
Buy a rainstick and chant folk songs until dew forms
All along your beads and feathers.
You will grow fantastic wings.
You may then enter the skies .

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