I Wish You Would

May 19, 2011
By fosterandcheyenne GOLD, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
fosterandcheyenne GOLD, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
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If wishes were horses I'd have a thousand, and my first wish would be that you'd change.

But I know deep inside no matter how hard I've cried it won't make you change a thing.

I pray every day that you'll change your ways, because our fights only benefit the devil .

Our endless battles in he** where we scream, fight, & yell basically put us on Lucifer's level

Do you remember that night when you pulled out your knife & we cried, bled, & Fought till the morning?

It still brings me back, & like an asthma attack I fly to that memory without warning.

So please take my hand & maybe we'll wonder away to that island, where no hardships exist?

If we get there on time we'll chew on coconut's & limes, until we see the sun set in the distance.

But once it gets dark & the island turns dreary our black memories will come pouring back.

And with a bleeding heart, I'll limp to your arms, and brace myself for the storm with a rain jacket.

However before you started I ripped out my heart! & made deaf by the thunder yelled "YOU KEEP IT!"

So you put it in your pocket & like always we stopped it & walked off to nowhere with hurt feelings

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