May 19, 2011
How do you know
If someone is who they say they are?
That their designer clothes
Aren’t rip-offs from the flea market;
That when they claim to read New York Times
They aren’t really reading People magazine?

A person can buy fake designer clothes,
They can claim to read intellectual literature
That they know they won’t be questioned about,
But their bookshelf reveals everything
That you need to know about them

Whether it is filled with science fiction,
Manga, murder mysteries, biographies,
Or just packed with sports magazines,
Their books reflect their true self.

The books on the bookshelf have avoided
Lengthy garage sales, been protected from
Gaining dust in storage, and were too precious
To be handed down to younger siblings
Who would be more intrigued by the
Sound of ripped paper than the intake of knowledge

If you want to know
Everything you need to know
About a person, look at their bookshelf.
And if they have no bookshelf,
Then you know what to get them for their birthday.

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