Mr. Meuss

June 6, 2011
By kellyyyyx3 GOLD, North Tonawanda, New York
kellyyyyx3 GOLD, North Tonawanda, New York
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Leodor Meuss Priesel was born in 1904.
His story is long to tell, but I promise it won't be a bore.

He was a silly guy with silly dreams,
where nothing every was as it seems.
His biggest dream of all, which he thought would fall,
was to make crazy hats to share with you all!

He made what he saw and saw what he made,
and thought they should be in a hat parade!
But, sadly no body wanted his hats.
They rolled their eyes and threw them in the trash!

Until one day on Mulberry Street,
carrying his hats and shuffling his feet,
a man came along, admired what he had,
and told him his products were super rad!

He bought the whole bag, hired Priesel on the spot.
"Attention like this? Unbelievable!" He thought.
But his mother would never approve of this.
She wanted him married with five or six kids!
So, to make her happy, his name he would change.
"Mr. Meuss" on the brims, though it sounded quite strange.

After years and years, he made 400 hats.
People bought them all, even for their cats!
In 1991, his hatmaking was done,
but his hats are still worn and his story lives on.

So, never give up on your dreams and hope,
even if everyone is telling you "Nope!".
Oh, the places you can go, as you can see.
Take it from Mr. Meuss. See what you can be!

The author's comments:
This story reflects Dr. Seuss' life story, how he got into writing books and his success.

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