A Small Weep for Them

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

The weepy voiced killer
called my house
he begged for forgiveness
I had none to give
“Don't talk, just listen”
he cried in my ear
I need a savior
I need a refuge
Someplace safe and sound
where god can forgive my sins
“What did you do?” I questioned
Never meant to hurt them
Never meant to hurt them so bad
Impulse is what it was
an impulsive move and surely
he can't be blamed
Boys will be boys
Men will be men
Our first instinct isn't to kill
can't be said for him
the police are looking
his phone calls
tipping them off to who
but not to why
“Don't talk, just listen”
I'm more quiet than silence
breathing light
“Who are you?”
This is his chance
to come forward
make things right
all that answers me
is a dial tone
sit down and weep
not for him
for the girls
weep for the girls
he weeps as well
we weep together

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the case of the serial murderer known as the Weepy Voiced Killer

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