very first tear very last breathe

May 23, 2011
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People come and go like wind in the o-zone. You really never get to know how much you love them till there gone. You really never get to say good-bye till there gone. But you always get to do that one last cry. That one last breath causes that very first tear and that very first tear causes that one last breath. Turning the lights off or pulling off the plug will end a life. You really never tell them how much they mattered to you till there gone. So think of it the next time you see your favorite person tell them how much you care. You never know when they will be gone. You never know when your last word will be spoken so make every word count. Because that one last word is that one last memory and that one last memory is that one last breath towards that person. The one last breath is the very first tear and that very first tear is that one last breath.

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