A Hidden Storm

May 23, 2011
By StarHearted SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
StarHearted SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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The fight I'm fighting
Could take forever to win
And as the battle goes on
My head is forced to spin

This battle wasn't planned
Anticipated or thought through
Wanted or sought after
This isn't what I'm supposed to do

It hurts, and it bleeds
Making past scars worse
I've never felt anything so bad
And for healing I thirst

I can't dance the pain away
Or calm it with any medicine
I can't find a solution
To this dilemma I'm in

I'm screaming inside
This isn't what I want
I'll keep denying it
Until it stops it's on going taunts

I won't face the truth
I refuse to reveal what's been found
I won't stop trying
Not till my mind is again sound

I'm stronger than I seem
I've been through more than some
Mentally, emotionally
And I know I'll see this done

I need to keep trying
Until I see it true
The words I keep saying
No. Never. Not you.

The storm will pass
It always does
Nothing is forever
What now is, will become what was

I will win
I will kick and scream
Till Misery's last breath
Till this was all just a dream

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