Game Seven

May 23, 2011
By Habs4life BRONZE, San Marcos, California
Habs4life BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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The first time I lost a tooth in a game,

I lost nine

At once

With my beard in full bloom, my team soared through the playoffs

Game seven in Montreal

Habs flags on every car

Line ups at La Cage Aux Sports

This year is our year

Electric atmosphere

Third Period

Up a goal

Down a man

Two minuets remained untill we sieze the Stanley Cup and sweep the defending champions

Coach put my line out

We lose the face off

Their defenseman tees up the puck

As I go down to block the shot


Everything goes dark, everything hurt

Open my eyes to the sight of blood rushing like the mighty Mississippi out of my mouth

It happened so fast, the adreniline pumping, I feel no pain

I realize I took the puck in the face

Remaining down I await the trainer for assistance

As he helps me off the ice I can only imagine what I look like

On the bench I proceed to pull out my teeth

One by one, they keep on coming

All nine

Praying the red flow will stop

I stick a piece of gauze in my bloody mouth,

In true hockey player fashion,

I go back out,

And win

I believe that it's meant to be

And it feels a little like '93

With failing hands we hold it high

And raise number 25 to the sky

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