May 23, 2011
By , Alstead, NH
What is life?
Are we really even sure?
Do we know what it is?
Life- I live cry laugh.
Is this what life is?
I live to laugh to laugh to live.

Where am I? Can I find my way back?
It’s black.
Why can’t I wake up?
Very silent,
Those silent tears I cry are my death panel,

Above and beyond, the light of the second life.
I move like a bird-
So vast, so quiet.
Without a peep I enter the second life.
I see my grandfather who had passed before, still wearing his favorite sweater.

I enter the gate of Heaven.
I roam the world.
I roam the streets,
Quietly in my own little world.

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Jimpapaloe said...
Dec. 18, 2013 at 10:59 pm
It's Ben. This is a great poem. Keep doing what you love to do :D
IamtheshyStargirl said...
Feb. 27, 2012 at 7:26 pm

I think the beginning could use something a little more, but this poem gets really good as it progresses :)

Thanks so much for sharing this, and keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more of your poetry :)


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