Depth of Color

May 23, 2011
By LunchBox88 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
LunchBox88 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Red is life and warmth
Its like the heart that’s inside of us
Red rides the vine highway
Its vibrant shade sails me away
That slight prick of a needle
Then oxygen hits the blood
Sending a cast of shades

Black is cold and lifeless
It’s the dark death of night
Black sinks in and tears
Black brings the evil upon
It’s the dark side
It brings the fear
Fear for moving forward

Green is creation and happiness
It’s like the butterflies in my stomach
Green is mellow mood where dreams are made
It where relaxation sets
And stress dissipates
It’s my nature
It’s a way to live

Orange is my passion
Orange is the flame that burns inside
It’s the light leeching upon
Orange is the smile I get in front of cake
It’s my damp dessert being dried
By the unforgettable SUN

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