The Cold Bitter Night

May 23, 2011

Death is like the night
Creeping after life
Always around the corner
Waiting to turn out the light
Scary like a roller-coaster
Fast like a swimming fish
Or as slow as time
I am death my friend
And my rival is the life
My enemies can run from me
But surly cannot hide
I know where you are
Even in the dead of night
I creep like a tiger
And pound on your life
I kill you with my finger tips
And drain you of your life
You start to get worried
Cause you know you can run
But you cannot hide
Cause I am death
And I am
The night

The author's comments:
I hope that people get to live their lives to fullest with no regrets. Don't hold back from doing the things that you dream of doing. Cause in the end we all die. But only some of us actually live our lives. Others hide from their lives hoping death will come later. Others dwell in their lives. They do everything they have always wanted. So don't hold back just do what you want and dont listen to what everyone else thinks.

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