Hope for Life

May 22, 2011
By smileymaile7227 BRONZE, Denton, Texas
smileymaile7227 BRONZE, Denton, Texas
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Scared. Worried. Anxious.
They could be coming,
Every knock on the door, every footstep heard,
That would be the end.

There wasn't anyone to comfort me,
No hugs or embraces to help,
Each person had the same problems,
But no one had solutions to give.

I did not fully understand the gravity of my problem,
But I knew why I had to hide.
I had heard many stories and listened very intently,
But I hadn't had the experience, the experience that would be the end.

They they came, we tried to hid, but we could not get away.
The nightmare I had once dreamt surged into reality.
I had hoped to stay hidden, hoped my family would stay together, hoped to live.
But this hope was not enough, this hope was killed.

Driven. Courageous. Caring.
I must stay strong, I must have hope.
I must live, my sister must live,
My family must make it through.

The days are getting longer,
The work is getting harder,
The rations are getting smaller.
I must stay strong. I must have faith.

Every person is losing hope, losing will, losing life,
My sister is losing health, she is losing herself.
The day comes that she is lost.
And although I am losing also, I must stay strong because I am the only one left.

Brave. Strong. Tough.
Each day is a new day. A new trial, that is.
I must work hard, I must stay unnoticed, I must be the best.
My father is in need of help, but there is none.

The guards must like me, that is the only chance I have.
I must do better than the others, no matter the conditions.
Some have quite trying, some have given up,
I will not give in, I will work harder.

Life is getting harder and tougher,
Pain is growing, pain is killing.
But it will not stop me,
I must keep running, I must escape this.

We must always have hope for something miraculous,
We must always hope for a way out,
We must always hope for freedom,
We must always hope for life.

The author's comments:
Inspired by "Night", "The Diary of Anne Frank", and "The Hiding Place".

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