May 22, 2011
By Sean Sullivan BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
Sean Sullivan BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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As you drive down the road the landscape changes,
You look out the window and are amazed from the snow.
Back home it only snows 2 to 5 inches,
But here it snows even more.
From desert to snow the land emerges into one big world.

You arrive at a town in the middle of ice.
You are ready to relax and celebrate your freedom.
You await the next day when skiing awaits you,
But first you must rest in your comfort of your bed.
While snow falls outside instead

Finally the day has arrived and you get to free your mind.
As you wind down the hills on your elongated feet,
You find a slope that meets your needs.
Through twists and turns and moguls too,
You finally find a day meant for you.

As the days zoom by like your skiing down a hill,
It’s finally time to leave this crazy dream.
Now you journey from snow to desert
And you arrive at the airport that is in the middle of nowhere.
You now must fly back home.

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