May 22, 2011
By sierracoker SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
sierracoker SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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christians and muslims both bathe in blood
pray for the destruction of all hatred
they crawl and they scratch to look for the door
both believing they're sacredly aided

wine and death and virgin births
history absolutely repeats
but the squeaky clean 50's are gone for sure
and their generation continues to deplete

"war is wrong, it does no good."
I can't help but agree
but when a homeless veteran asks for spare change
our attention is on the draftee

the media makes a suicide
seem more of like a sin
home life was a disaster
but they still blame it on Marilyn

this culture is desensitized
we're talking too loud to listen
So here we are afraid of death,
making fun of starving children

death is so full, and man so small
but yet we don't live day to day
we just sit back, wait for problems to vanish
but you have to know life to experience decay

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