Emergency, 911

May 22, 2011
By ravenbrittx7 PLATINUM, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
ravenbrittx7 PLATINUM, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
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Breaking news from
She with the broken heart
There's been a tragedy
She stands out from the ruins, covered in scars
Learning the hard way no landing's soft
Everyone turns away
As the stench of blood wafts.

Help, there's been an accident
Why is everyone turning around?!
Would you listen to her heart
As she shakes and quakes, it pounds.
Struggle lights in her eyes
She flounders in her mommy's wrath
We've got to lead her away,
A chance to take another path
She can't keep living her life like that!

I am on my knees
My entire life disassembling
At loss for words...
We've been here for hours, days
Trying to find a way
And though she hasn't spoken
I can tell how much she hurts.
Unloved and deserted
Fighting the monsters with only her fists
She's been begging for help all this time
But no one cared to notice all the writing on her wrist
Tell me what the point is
In being so oblivious!

"Ma'am, you need to follow me,
There's some questions we need to ask"
But my eyes won't tear away
From her tearless, cheerless mask
"Officer, she'll die
She hardly stands a chance!
She's hurt and frightened
If we leave her on the edge, she will dare herself to dance."

"Then let yourself fall
You're so afraid of emptiness and losing it all."

No! Are you crazy? That girl, she isn't me!
I'm right here in front of you
And he says, "No,
You've been blinded..this is your reality"
Turn around, Sirens sound
The girl has disappeared
But in her place, there I stand
With a blade of stainless steel.
"What does this mean?! I don't understand!!!"
He offers soothing, heartfelt words
"We're here to help, just come with me,
Here....take my hand."

Emergency, 911
Can't remember how I arrived
Everything is churning inside of me but
Am I still alive?
The lights are blaring, my heart is wearing
Where did all this blood come from?
Voices fade ("Nurse, she's not breathing!")
And my whole body goes numb.

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