The Ocean in You

May 22, 2011
By Anonymous

Look at the sea, what do you see?
A million diamonds thrown across a blue plain?
A different world than the one we're in,
The biggest, but most simple place,
The Heavens calling to you,
a reminder of the divine One's power?

I see you.
The waves are your escape from what you don't understand. The blue, it's the color in your eyes.
The sand, it is like the softness of your soul. The salt water washes away your pain as you wash away mine.

You are like the tide. The time has come where you have to go. Pushing farther away, but I know soon you will be close again.

I fear what is in you as I fear the ocean's depths. But just as the water comes back and touches my feet, having you always makes me feel complete.

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