Finding Yourself in You

May 22, 2011
By Mi-Ish-Awzum GOLD, Beirut, Other
Mi-Ish-Awzum GOLD, Beirut, Other
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Now, if have lost yourself and can’t be found
Just keep looking around
Because sooner or later
You will be greater
And you will rebound

If you’re someone who doesn’t exist,
Who has a wound on his wrist
Then you’re going to die
And I will have to say good bye
Since you’re lost in a mist

If you’re someone with rosy cheeks,
Who likes to eat cheese and squeaks,
Then you’re going to be a mouse
In an inhabited house
Who will live in there for weeks

If you’re tall person in a suit,
Who likes to charge people and pursuit,
Then you are a lawyer who doesn’t behave
Who doesn’t care and won’t be brave
So you are a menace and a brute

If you’re a green person who likes to eat brains,
Who attacks people whose energy he drains,
Then you’re a zombie, a part of the undead
Who has a lot of words unsaid
And you have made your life a pain

If you’re a person in dark colors,
Who likes to cut himself and doesn’t care,
Then you’re a Goth,
Just like a moth
Who flies around with a tear

But if you’re a good person with dark blonde hair,
Then you have found yourself in there
In your heart which shines bright
With happiness, joy and delight
And you never forget to share!

The author's comments:
It was going to be "How to Find You", but it's a totally different thing from that. The reason why I made the hair dark blonde is because this is dedicated to one of my best friends. It's a random thought, so I'm hoping it's good.

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