The Cage of Obedience

May 13, 2011
By Emma.L.akaFriday BRONZE, Paradise Valley, Arizona
Emma.L.akaFriday BRONZE, Paradise Valley, Arizona
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Something silenced me
I wasn’t sure what
The long tentacles of obedience swept down upon me
Like a darkness
Like a cage
It wasn’t suffocating
Compared to the things I have faced before
This darkness, this Obedience was an easy opponent
Untangling myself from the mass of slimy salad-like tentacles,
Which hung back as soon as I had detached them from my body
Obedience was a coward, I knew that much
With my fiery nature,
Obedience was barely a worthy opponent
True, there are certain times
When Obedience wins over
Times to fight it, to speak,
And times to hang back, and let it win
Yet I know Obedience
As it hides from me in the corners of this echoing hall
Which is now deserted, of course
I begin to walk out with a smirk,
For my job is done
Obedience is in its place once more
My smirk is not defiant now,
But gloating
Next time, Ma’am
To save your dignity
Encage me in something useful, like iron
Don’t even try to use Obedience

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