May 13, 2011
By Anonymous

I walked the same path we always did
I passed by the tree you tries to climb
But you failed
I saw the house with the black cat
The one we use to hiss at
I miss simple
I miss what we were

I Hate what we are
I hate that your scared
I hate that you have to run away
Just to be safe

Just talk to me
We could go somewhere
Somewhere only we know
Somewhere no one will find us
But it has to be now
Tomorrow could be gone
And we'll never be able to fix
What we broke
We both have to take the blame
I cant just let you fall
I need to fall with you

The little kids
At the park we hate
Well the park that I hate
The park
Where everything took a turn
To the worst
And the steering wheel was stuck
And there was nothing I could do
Nothing you could do
But if "we" would have tried
We wouldn't have failed
We could have one

I just miss

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