May 13, 2011
I saw her smile you saw her too
she glistened in daylight's shining glare
you pushed her aside
you made plans together
but you always brought others instead
she would talk to you
you know you could hear
you ignored
until she
just couldn't go on anymore

her smiles wore off
when you went to her side
you made plans with her
but still brought others instead

you would talk to her
and wait for her great big shining smile
but it was never there
then one day you asked her
what's wrong?
as you hugged her at your side

she didn't answer not even a word
she began to walk away
you looked up at me shining so bright in the dark sheeted sky
and you ran after her yelling
remember the waterfalls or the car that stopped at your side
it looked as if the memories shot at her
she was looking happier in a daze seeming almost unbreakable
she shook her head yes

you almost whispered
remember we were there for each other
her eyes glistened as she glanced up and said

you looked back
you saw your friends waving for you to go back
you dared to ask
what about now?
she glanced up
I'm always here

you said to her I Love You
she smiled at you with a smile as bright as a star

she held your hand
as you walked home with her
she leaned her head on to your shoulder and whispered
you're the best big brother ever
you forgot about your friends

you didn't look up
you didn't have to
you had your shining star
right there next to you

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