Time is

May 13, 2011
By freespirited1 SILVER, Wesley Hills, New York
freespirited1 SILVER, Wesley Hills, New York
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Time is reading under a willow tree

Drinking lemonade
Time is running to class because

You know you’re late
Time is waiting

For a family member to come out of surgery
Time is going into the subway when it’s light

And coming out when it’s dark
Time is boredom
Time is watching

Yourself age
Time is seeing the flowers bloom

In short bursts during the day
Time is waiting for the bus

In the freezing cold
Time is sleeping longer

Than you thought you did
Time is

The smell of pen ink
Time is the interminableness

Of physical therapy
Time is a class

You don’t want to take
Time is trying

To lose weight
Time is

A really good book
Time is

A power outage
Time is

Not having a watch

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