Rabbit Pop Culture MAG

May 13, 2011
By juliegove BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
juliegove BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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A Rabbit here
A Rabbit there
apparently they are everywhere.
with large stopwatches, although always late
too, finishing behind a tortoise in second place
Chocolate milk, think Nesquik?
but all he wants is a bowl of Trix
A friend of Winnie the Pooh who likesgardening in the mud
while Bugs' nemesis is Elmer Fudd
scoopin' up field mice and bumpin' them on the head
all Frank seems to want is Donnie Darko dead
a sex symbol, according to Hugh Hefner
as your zodiac, you should be gracious, reserved and tender
busy hiding colorful eggs that one day a year
and the trickery of Brer Rabbit had them running in fear
energized, I could keep this list going and going
and going and going and going ….

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